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La Fueva



o Inhabitants: 119. The whole municipality counts 621 inhabitants.
o Height above sea level: 634m
o Name of its inhabitants: tierrantonense
o Local Holidays: on 20th January, St. Sebastian and, 24th August, devoted to St. Bartholomew.
o Monuments: 5 Km. far away, we can visit Muro de Roda (Romanesque), declared Historic Monument.

The following villages belong to this municipality: Alueza, Atiart, Buetas, La Cabezonada, Charo, Formigales, Fosado, Fuendecampo, El Humo de Muro, El Humo de Rañín, Luján, Mediano, Morillo de Monclús, El Pocino, Rañín, Salinas de Trillo, Samitier, Samper, San Juan de Toledo, Solipueyo, Troncedo, Caneto, Clamosa, Lapenilla and Trillo.

Tierrantona is the head of La Fueva municipality. Its urban structure does not have a defensive character, which differentiates this village from other old areas in La Fueva. Instead, this village shows a modern urban structure. La Fueva municipality was constituted during the 1960's, after the joining of the districts of Clamosa, Morillo de Monclús, Muro de Roda and Toledo de la Nata. During the 1970's, Samitier and Mediano districts would also join them.

It is settled in the centre of La Fueva, on the largest plain in Sobrarbe County.

The 16th century Casa del Médico is remarkable, with a voussoired doorway, chamfer and loopholes on its parapets. The facade is decorated with Gothic pointed openings of ogee arches.

The 12th century Romanesque church is devoted to the Assumption. It has a rectangular nave and drum apse. The 16th century doorway opens into the square, meanwhile the original doorway opens on the south front framed by a Roman arch. The tower has three levels, and it is crowned by the 19th century modern frieze of blind arches under the 19th century four-pitched roof.