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The Region

Municipalities and Villages in Sobrarbe


o Inhabitants: 155. The whole municipality counts 169 inhabitants.
o Height above sea level: 569m
o Name of its inhabitants: labuerdense
o Local Holidays: 20th January and 16th August.
o Monuments: The 11th century Romanesque St. Sebastian's Church, the 18th century Tower and Casa de los Buil.

The following villages belong to its municipality: San Vicente de Labuerda and Fontanal.

Houses gather around the St. Sebastian's church, with its high tower. The built-up area unfolds around the main square. There are two neighbourhoods: San Juan and San Sebastián. Some streets still preserve their medieval names, such as Herrería St. (blacksmith's), Arboleda St. (grove), Barranco St. (gorge), etc.

One of the houses worth to be paid a visit is the one by St. Sebastian's church, with a Romanesque doorway with geometric drawings. The rest of the church does not belong to the Romanesque period, being refurbished in the 16th century. It seems to have been a former temple. The tower has five parts, the three lower floors are built with masonry and they have a square plan. The two higher floors are also made of stone, but they have an octagonal plan which projects out from the four pilasters on the corners of the square plan of the lower floors. Inside, there is a 16th century carving of the Virgin. The 16th century Aragonese-Gothic church was refurbished in the 18th century.

3 km. far away from Labuerda, we find the village of San Vicente de Labuerda, with a Romanesque church still preserving valuable works, such as its Gothic altarpiece, a Romanesque statute, and 18th century Baroque carvings and paintings.

Major local celebrations in Labuerda are held on 16th August, to honour St. Roque. Whereas winter festivities are devoted to St. Sebastian, on 20th January. On 15th May, neighbours from the villages of Labuerda, San Vicente, Banastón and the French village of Cadeilhac-Trachéres go in procession to St. Visor Hermitage, which is located in San Vicente de Labuerba mountain range.

During these festivities, there are two serenades of "jotas", the traditional Aragonese folk music. The first serenade takes place during the eve of the festivity and it is dedicated to young women. The second serenade takes place during the festivity itself, and it is dedicated to the families in the village. The serenaders sing in front of each house and, afterwards, they pass among people the collection plate in order to gather some money to defray the festivity expenses. So, everyone contributes according to their possibilities.