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Web of Valle de Chistau District:

o Inhabitants: 198. The whole municipality counts 319 inhabitants.
o Height above sea level: 1060m.
o Name of its inhabitants: planense
o Distance from Huesca: 159km
o Local Holidays: 8th September and 15th October.
o Monuments: Church with Romanesque remains and 16th century defensive tower.

The following villages belong to this municipality: Saravillo and Serveto.

Plan lies on the right bank of the Cinqueta River. During the 1980's, it was a famous village, because of its "single party", therefore becoming an item of international news, since women from all around the world came to Plan in order to find a love mate. As a consequence of this "caravan of women", some marriages were contracted.

Although this is a high village, they are regarded as people from the riverside. Plan is the head of the municipality, which comprises Saravillo, Señés and Serveto.

Houses gather around the church, some of them are manor houses. In Casa Turmo, there is a window decorated with human figures, branches and crosses. Casa Ballarín boasts a popular Renaissance doorway.

Inside the village, we find a high tower, with a two-pitched roof, which is not the original one, next to a later building. It is a 16th century military tower with square plan.
Plan had a second-class customs office, in 1844, 285 litters of oil and 19684kg. of wool were passed across the border, those products being valued in 50196 reales (former Spanish coin). In that period, it is supposed to have been a textile mill.

St. Stephen's church was refurbished in several occasions until the 20th century. It is a Romanesque style church, as it is shown by some of its features. The doorway opens on the southern front, under the atrium, and the tower, with five levels, stands at its foot, with a cap at its top.

We can also visit Nuestra Señora de Laplana and St. Agatha Hermitages.

The major festivity is held on the Nativity of the Virgin (Virgin of Laplana). The main day of the festivity is on 8th September. The fair takes place on 15th October.