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o Inhabitants: 41. The whole municipality counts 268 inhabitants.
o Height above sea level: 1384m
o Name of its inhabitants: tellano
o local Holidays: Its Saint patron is St. Giles, on 1st September. On this festivity, people go in procession to the hermitage devoted to the saint.

The following villages belong to this municipality: Arinzué, Estaroniello, Hospital de Tella, Lamiana, Lafortunada, Mirabal, San Marcial, Revilla, Salinas de Sin, Sin, Cortalaviña, Badaín and Tella

Across the spring, a 16th century building with loopholes, showing its defensive purpose, stands up. It is supposed to be the oldest building in the village.

The 16th century church is devoted to St. Martin the Bishop. It was later refurbished. It has a rectangular nave, straight chevet and chapels on both sides. The voussoired doorway is on the south front, with chamfer and a thick drip. The tower stands up by the atrium.

There are a few hermitages. A popular style hermitage is devoted to St. Sebastian. The one devoted to Nuestra Señora de la Peña has a rectangular and vaulted nave and apse, a chapel on the north side and a 17th century doorway on the west front, framed by a Roman arch. The Romanesque style Fajanillas hermitage was enlarged with a chapel on the north front and a 16th century tower with loopholes.

The space of the nave was reduced and a doorway was open at its foot, modifying the southern parament. Therefore, the only remaining Romanesque part of the church is the apse. The 11th century St. John and St. Paul Hermitage preserves the crypt. This Sobrarbe-Romanesque style hermitage was refurbished during the 16th century.

Near the village, we can visit a very well preserved dolmen, with the Castilllo Mayor Rocks in its background. We can also find the remains of some prehistoric cultures around the caves in this district.

In Tella, we find an Interactive Centre on witchcraft, typical Pyrenees houses, Ethnology and bears. We can also take a guided tour in order to visit the cave-dwelling bear in the outskirts of this village.