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La Solana

Known as La Solana Valley, it lies on the left bank of the Ara River, as a sad but clear example of the consequences of rural depopulation during the second half of the 20th century in Spain, and especially in Aragon, where there were only 14 villages and one house abandoned until the end of the first half of the 20th century.

In this case, depopulation was due to the lack of basic infrastructures, subsistence economy based on primary activities and an appealing work offer in developing towns. The coup de grace, besides the pine reforestation plan, was the policy passed for the building of the Janovas reservoir, which planned to flood the best fields in the valley and to expropriate forcibly every affected village.

More than a dozen villages are scattered among the abandoned La Solana Valley, which can only be accessed through forest tracks. All of them are in ruins, as a consequence of the abandonment suffered after the migration of its former inhabitants, looking for a better and more comfortable life. One only manor house, San Martín de la Solana, is currently inhabited, refurbished as a hotel.

Built-up areas comprised in la Solana valley are: Puyuelo, Vilamana, la casa de San Martín de la Solana, San Felices de la Solana, Campol, Giral, Gere, Burgasé, Semolué, Castellar, Cajol, Ginuábel, Tricas, Muro de Solana and Sasé.