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Bajo Peñas

Between the Cinca and Esera Rivers, the Ferrera Hills rise majestically. Its highest point is reached at the Peña Montañesa (Highland Rock), 2291m. The interesting nature and landscape on this mountain massif is home to a rich variety of wildlife, as a consequence of the traditional use of the available resources, allowing the preservation of a wide biodiversity.

The Peña Montañesa and the Ferrera Hills shelter several built-up areas belonging to the municipalities of Laspuña, El Pueyo de Araguás and La Fueva, naming this district as Bajo Peñas (under the rocks), amidst fascinating, friendly and unique scenery. Birds of prey fly proudly over the Peña Montañesa, where they have their nests.

Laspuña relives its old timber tradition once a year, with the descent of traditional timber rafts, known as "nabatas", to which the Museum of Las Nabatas and Luis Pallaruelo EcoMuseum are devoted.

In Ceresa, we can visit the remains of St. Pelay Castle, with only some walls still standing. Some of its stones were used to build the school, where we can currently find the Traditional Life Interactive Centre.

It is obliged to pay a visit to La Fuensanta, where according to the legend St. Victorian made water spring from three streams, on the spot where the stone fountain, the hermitage and the sanctuary caretaker's house were built later.

In El Pueyo de Araguás, Casa Coronas is specially remarkable, and it is supposed to be the oldest house in Sobrarbe County. It has a linteled window with an inscription of the date 1549. Every house in the built-up area is surprisingly well preserved.

In the small villages of this municipality, scattered around the Peña Montañesa, there are wonderful examples of traditional architecture, such as Casa del Arrendador in Araguás or Casa Betato in Torrelisa. We can also visit other villages such Los Molinos, Oncins and San Lorien with its small Romanesque church.

In the municipality of El Pueyo de Araguás, we can visit St. Victorian's Monastery, the oldest one in Spain. It is sheltered by the limestone walls of the Peña Montañesa. This monastery was a cultural and spiritual centre for centuries in Sobrarbe.

In a hidden recess, under the cliffs of the Ferrera Hills, we find La Espelunga hermitage, where St. Victorian is supposed to have dwelt. This point provides spectacular views over the area stretching from the southeast of La Fueva Alta to the Nata River.

In San Juan de Toledo, its 16th century beautiful Lombard-Romanasque church has been declared Cultural Heritage, boasting an impressive collection of mural paintings.