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Trail 12. Circuito por la llanura de La Fueva

TRAIL12: Tierrantona-Alueza-El humo de Rañín-Rañín-Solipueyo-Tierrantona

Variante 12.1:Rañín-La Collada-(Erta. del Santo Cristo)-Casa Rolespé
Variante 12.2: Buetas-Morillo de Monclús-Tierrantona

This basic route is a circular one, starting and finishing at the same place, Tierrantona, the capital of the municipality. The itinerary makes use of trails and little-used roads that run through the Valley of La Fueva. It incorporates a number of villages and hamlets scattered over the broad grain-growing plain such as Alueza, El Humo de Rañín, Rañín and Solipueyo. For most of its course, the route takes advantage of the sign-posted paths GR 1, PR-HU 190 and PR-HU 191. Variant 12.1 is a diversion that takes us via the wooded northern flank of the Sierra de Campanué. It follows an attractive marked path along the forest trail leading from the Collada Fornosa as far as the Hermitage del Santo Cristo and Rolespé House. Variant 12.2 allows us to extend the basic route, passing through the localities of Buetas and Morillo de Monclús.