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Sobrarbe, a natural paradise

Sobrarbe, a natural paradise

Sobrarbe is a county of great environmental value, a place of contrasts and diversity. It stretches 2202 km of surface, where we can visit some of the most breathtaking landscapes in southern Europe.

More than 50% of this county is officially protected as a kind of nature reserve. It gives an idea of the rich natural heritage sheltered in this county, and of the good state of preservation of its habitats.

We can find high valleys with mountain meadows and lush forests, where water is always present, springing in a series of cascades and gorges, such as the Ordesa, Pineta, Bujaruelo or Chistau Valleys. There are high summits, such as Monte Perdido and Posets, where the last glaciers survive, catalogued as natural monuments, and valleys such as Añisclo and Escuaín, shaped by the Bellos and Yaga Rivers.

We should descent with the Ara and Cinca Rivers towards more Mediterranean landscapes, like La Fueva Valley, the steep hillsides of the Peña Montañesa (Highland Rock), the Old Sobrarbe, or the access to the Foothills of the Pyrenees, such as Sierra de Guara and its canyons, whose landscapes of scenic beauty are shaped by rivers, forming canyons, rocks, gorges and potholes.

All this variety of ecosystems has grounded the preservation of the Ordesa yd Monte Perdido National Park and the Posets-Maladeta and the Cañones y Sierra de Guara Nature Reserves, as well as other kind of protected areas, such as LICs and ZEPAs.