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Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.


The Pineta Valley was also shaped by glaciers, wide and 17km. long. The Cinca River, born under the great ice sheets of the northern slope of Monte Perdido, in the Ibón de Marboré, flows between high walls, with differences of height from 1500m above sea level from the bottom of the valley to 2600m in the summit of the Sierra de las Tucas, on the right bank of the river. Forests with pines and beeches, meadows and pebbly creeks spread around, mixing and giving colour to a magical landscape.

The National Park comprises within its limits the head of Pineta, preserving the most dramatic landscape of glaciers in the mountain range: the Monte Perdido Glacier. Also within this protected area, we can find Las Treserols Massif, the high plateau of the Balcón de Pineta and the cirque, constituting the head of this awesome valley.

It is a natural paradise where we can find endemic species such as the bellflower and the Ramonda pyrenaica, a rare weeping willow or a strange and striking orchid known as Cipripedium Calceolus.

In reference to its fauna, we can watch the spectacular bearded vulture's flight and other birds of prey, such as the golden eagle or the griffon vulture, as well as the Pyrenean chamois, marmots, snow partridges, or amphibious, such as frogs, Pyrenees newts or reptiles, such as asp vipers or rock lizards.