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UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Prineos

UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Prineos

Since November 2015 the entire territory of the Sobrarbe region has been recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark.

This event implies the international launch of this county into a high quality non-seasonal tourism market: the Geotourism.

Visit the website of the UNESCO Sobrarbe-Pirineos World Geopark in www.geoparquepirineos.com

On 17 November 2015, the 195 Member States of UNESCO ratified the creation of a new label, the UNESCO Global Geoparks, during the 38th General Conference of the Organisation. This expresses governmental recognition of the importance of managing outstanding geological sites and landscapes in a holistic manner.

From September 2006, Sobrarbe County belongs to the European Geoparks Network, this network is fostered by the UNESCO, whose goal is supporting the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage and promoting sustainable development, as the result of a proper management of our geographical environment.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. Their bottom-up approach of combining conservation with sustainable development while involving local communities is becoming increasingly popular. At present, there are 140 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 38 countries. (data for May 2018).

UNESCO’s work with geoparks began in 2001. In 2004, 17 European and 8 Chinese geoparks came together at UNESCO headquarters in Paris to form the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) where national geological heritage initiatives contribute to and benefit from their membership of a global network of exchange and cooperation.

The Organization supports Member States’ efforts to establish UNESCO Global Geoparks all around the world, in close collaboration with the Global Geoparks Network.

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You can also watch the documentary shot about the SOBRARBE GEOPARK broadcast by the television programme in TVE "La Aventura de Saber" on 31st March 2008:

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