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UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Prineos

Mining in the Geopark


From Prehistoric times until the middle of the 20th century, valuable minerals have been extracted from the underground of the Cinca River high valleys: iron, silver and lead, among others. Currently, only a few remains of the former mining facilities are still standing, as dumb witnesses of a rich mining past.

Sierra de Liena and Monte Ruego were relevant sites for silver and lead extraction, meanwhile the best iron was extracted from Monte Mener.

Mineral which have an economic interest are concentrated in lodes, which is the name given to accumulations of mineral found in fractures in the ground. These deposits were
formed due to the flow of hot underground water that transported dissolved metals.

The geological history of the region tells us the story about the fractures and the flow of hot water. Millions of years ago during the Mesozoic age, there was a stretching of the
earth.s crust, which caused fractures and an increase in the underground temperature, which heated up and set in motion the water soaking the rock strata. Water dragged the disperse metal particles contained in these rocks transporting them to the cracks and fractures were they were deposited when the fluid cooled down. It is interesting to note that the different minerals did not mix as they appear in separate layers.

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