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UNESCO Global Geopark Sobrarbe-Prineos

Geology walking trails


Indeed, the Geo-Route network of the Sobrarbe-Pirineos. Geopark was created to learn about and understand its geological heritage in greater depth.

This is a network of 30 self-guided routes that allow visitors to access the most outstanding geological sites in the district and understand their origin, meaning and significance. All Geo-Route have been designed so that they can be covered on foot and are clearly signposted; in most cases they are based on official short-route (PR) or long-route (GR)except PN 1, PN 4, PN 5, PN 9, PN 10 and PN 11 that combine a stretch of road and vehicle with trails paths. There is a brochure on each route in order to facilitate the interpretation of each stop on the way.

AIn addition, 11 of these geological routes are located in the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, including the territory of the Geopark, and 3 of the Geo-routes are of a cross-border nature, allowing visitors to enjoy the geological heritage of the Pyrenees-Monte Perdido, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Taken together, these routes will enable visitors to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the Sobrarbe district and also obtain further information on its long geological history dating back over 500 million years