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The fauna living in our county is both outstanding and surprising. The wide range of different habitats found in this county is home to a rich variety of wildlife. Most of these species have found in our valleys one of their last shelters.

Among birds, the Bearded vulture is specially remarkable, its name relates to the habit of living on a diet of bones of dead animals, which it drops from a height to crack them into smaller pieces. Almost extinct in the last years, Sobrarbe shelters one of the largest populations in Europe currently. Other raptors and scavenging birds, such as the Griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the Golden Eagle, the Short-toed Eagle, the Booted Eagle, the Peregrine falcon, the kite, etc. are easily sighted.

Among nocturnal birds of prey, the Tawny owl, the Eagle owl, the Long-eared owl, the Tengmalm's Owl and the Barn Owl are worth to be mentioned. We can also sight many smaller birds, such as the Great Tit, the Blue Tit, the Chaffinch, the Blackbird, the Goldcrest, the Ringed Kingfisher, the White-throated dipper, the White Wagtail, the House Martin, the Eurasian Nuthatch, the Woodpecker, etc. The Capercailzie and the Snow partridge, on the verge of extinction, are more difficult to be sighted.

Most typical mammals are the Chamois, climbing easily up the steep, rugged, rocky terrain. By the forests, we can sight roe deer, wild boars, deer and foxes. Marmots are wide-spread rodents of 3 or 5 kg of weight, they typically live in rocky wastelands and valley slopes, using their singular loud whistle to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.

The Pyrenean desman and the otter live in the wetlands and rivers in Sobrarbe. Besides, we find some amphibious, like toads, frogs and salamanders, and also two endemic species: the Pyrenean newt, living in the mountain lakes and ravines, and the Pyrenean frog, discovered in 1990.

Some smaller mammals, like bats, rabbits, hares, squirrels, dormice and moles, are also remarkable.

The only dangerous reptile is the Asp Viper, since the Green Whip snake, viperine water snakes, the Green Anole and the Wall lizard are completely harmless.