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Cultural Heritage

Sobrarbe: A stroll through our history

Sobrarbe: A stroll through our history

Sobrarbe County has a varied architectural heritage, which takes us out for a stroll through history.

We find a wide range of monuments, from its prehistoric remains, with dolmens (in Tella, that of Pueyoril in Paúles de Sarsa...) and cave paintings, which can be visited in the Vero River Cultural Park, to the Medieval complex in Ainsa, declared National Historic-Artistic Monument, besides several monuments declared Cultural Heritage, and interesting examples of Romanesque style (Aínsa, Santa Mª de Buil, San Juan de Toledo, San Vicente de Labuerda, Tella hermitages, Puente de San Nicolás de Bujaruelo,etc.). Also worthy to be paid a visit is the civil and popular architecture, strongholds, defensive towers, like the one in Abizanda, a fortified village in Muro de Roda; the Bielsa City Hall facade, one of the most remarkable Renaissance works in the county, besides the Church in Olsón, also known as the "Sobrarbe Cathedral". Castles, esconjuraderos, the noble ruins of St. Victorian's Monastery, spiritual centre of the county, and several hermitages scattered all over the county.

It is an entire world waiting to be discovered, an architectural heritage which invites those people wandering across this countryside, to take a stroll through Sobrarbe history.