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Cultural Heritage

Romanesque Art

The Church of San Martín of Santa María de Buil

On a recondite plateau of Santa María de Buil is the Church of San Martín (National Monument since the 1977), one of the most significant and unusual examples of Romanesque architecture and one of the oldest in Aragon. The aforementioned Church is an edification from the middle of the 11th century, with a basilica of three naves with their corresponding apses, along with a small tower at the foot of the central nave. At the end of the 11th century the first apses were replaced with the current ones, decorated with blind arches on
pillars and an elevated base.

In the 18th century it underwent an important interior transformation when the three previous sections of the naves were removed, joining the space by way of two arches. It also conserves the original main altar, constructed on large bed stones with moulded circular corners, and profuse vegetal decoration in the lower and exterior sections of the apse