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Cultural Heritage

Romanesque Art

The Church of San Vicente

Built on a promontory, around 500 m from the town centre, is the Romanesque church of San Vicente, declared as being of Cultural Interest. The parish, protected by sloping meadows, is a cause for surprise with its high nave with a barrel vault on tufa headstones, as corresponds to Romanesque architecture of the end of the 12th century.

The single nave is rectangular with a semicircular apse, with side chapels added in later years. The transformed remains of the Lombard system survive in the small cruciform
window and beaded archivolts which, although without any decorative arches, crown the large apse. The exterior of the said apse presents three stepped feet which make up a plinth in the first one, with a barrel vault window in the second one, and decorative beaded archivolts in the third one.

Access is through the south wall, by way of a doorway with a barrel vault porch and three archivolts with the support of elaborated capital columns with simple vegetal and geometrical figures.

The square tower, from the 13th century, is finished off with a small octagonal dome and walkway. It has three floors with the support of barrel vaults.

The discovery of relics near to San Visorio justifies the large-scale construction in a scarcely inhabited place. Its interior conserves a magnificent altarpiece from the 15th century.