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Cultural Heritage

Romanesque Art

Castle of Troncedo

Locality belonging to La Fueva. Only a small tower and the Main Tower remain from the original walls. This has an exterior pentagonal base, with a rectangular base inside. Although in a completely ruined state, it could date from the 11th century.

In the southern section is the hermitage of San Miguel, which is currently dedicated to the worship of S. Victorián, and could date from the first half of the 11th century. This rectangular building, with an eastern orientated semicircular apse, is made of ashlar, without any kind of decoration.

The parish of Troncedo still conserves some original Romanesque remains, such as the hemicylindrical apse and the two bolsters of the pentice.

In 1062 the castle, the villa and the former Church of Troncedo were donated to the Roda bishopric, during the times of Ramiro II el Monje.