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Cultural Heritage

Renaissance and Baroque Art

Renaissance and Baroque Art

During the 16th and 17th centuries, new and larger churches were built.

St. Eulalia of Olsón Church, built in 1546, is specially remarkable, also known as "the Sobrarbe Cathedral" which was declared Cultural Heritage. High tower, polygonal apse and a stunning Renaissance altarpiece.

Churches in Castejón de Sobrarbe, Broto, Boltaña, Puértolas and Palo were also built during this period.

The 16th century Renaissance Town Hall facade in Bielsa shows a fine sculptural performance, being considered one of the most noteworthy civil buildings in our county. The doorway opens under a Roman arch framed by pseudo-ionic pilasters and caps, supporting a triangular pediment.

St. Eulalia of Javierre in the Bielsa Altarpiece is a significant 16th century painting.

The most important Baroque buildings in Sobrarbe were built during the 17th century, such as the church in the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Boltaña and the church in St. Victorian's Monastery. The church in Labuerda was built at the end of this century.