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Cultural Heritage

Festivals & Traditions

The nabatas or Traditional timber Rafst


A very risky old trade has been recovered as a festival held in Laspuña and Puyarruego. It was a traditional job very rooted in these villages from the late 19th century until the middle of the 20th century, known as the navateros.

Every year, old and young people belonging to the Traditional Timber Rafts Society (Asociación de Navateros) build new traditional timber rafts to descent the Cinca River from Laspuña to Aínsa.

This celebration is held on the third weekend of May, gathering more visitors every year.

The navatas are traditional timber rafts made of cut logs, which were drifted in that way down the river, from the mountain to the plain, where timber would be sold. The Navateros would descent the river on those timber rafts in order to transport the logs. Road transport, with trucks, and reservoirs put an end to this traditional trade, fulfilled by several generations in Sobrarbe.

When we talk about navatas, we are talking about the history of Sobrarbe in a period when timber and forests, besides farming, were the main source of wealth in this county. It was also a way of cultural interchange, since mountain traditions were brought to the plain by the navateros, who also became familiar with some traditions from the plain to bring them back to the mountain.