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Cultural Heritage

Festivals & Traditions

Winter bonfieres

- On the eve of St. Victorian, 12th January, a bonfire is set at night in the Main Square in Aínsa. This is the Singles Festival. Severino Pallaruelo compiles in his book A travel through the Aragonese Mysterious Pyrenees (Viaje por los Pirineos misteriosos de Aragón) a ballad by José Luis Sierra, about the arrangements for the bonfire, written in the vernacular language of the valley:

"We will park the tractor
and go to the yard
to pick up timber and branches
and olive tree roots,
boxwoods, scorpion's thorns and stumps
to make a big bonfire;
on the eve of St. Victorian
and its light will be seen
from everywhere in the county
and everyone will come to see it".

"Ampraremos vel trautor
y nos n'iremos ta la glera
pa replegar troncas y camals
y radices d'olivera,
buxos, aliagas y tozas
pa fer una güena chera;
y qu'en a vespra de San Veturian
s'en veiga la lumbrera
en toda la redolada
y vienga chen ta la foguera".

- On the eve of St. Anthony, 17th January, two bonfires are set at night, in the Main Square and by Casa Fes in Aínsa.

- On the eve of St. Sebastian, 20th January, a bonfire is set at night in many villages of this county: in Aínsa, in every neighbourhood, where the Festival of the Married ones is held, but also in Escalona, Labuerda and Tierrantona.

- On the eve of St. Paul, 25th January, a bonfire is set at night in Boltaña.

By every bonfire, we find a small wineskin, a barbecue with sausages and other food and people to chat and laugh. We sometimes find a guitarist singing to make the night more enjoyable with his songs.

These nights around the bonfire have everything to make us have a great time.