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Cultural Heritage

Festivals & Traditions

La Morisma


Once every two years, only in even years, on the first Sunday of September, a famous festival is held in Ainsa, known as La Morisma.

It consists in a medieval performance held in the Main Square of the Old Quarter in Ainsa. It is performed by its inhabitants, 250 people, who play different roles, such as the Moorish King, the Christian Kings, the Sin, the Angel, the Shepherd or the Rapatán (the boy helping the shepherd) as well as the Moorish and Christian troops.

It performs King Garcia Ximenez's legendary victory over the Muslims in the 8th century, helped by the apparition of a Cross on a holy oak.

This performance has lived through many generations, being documented in 1678, though it was not performed between 1921 and 1970.

1.5km away from Ainsa, we find the spot where the battle took place, where the Morisma was performed for many years in the past. Currently, we can find a shrine sheltering the Roofed Cross, with the date of 1765 engraved on it, but with a former origin.