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turismosobrarbe.comComarca de Sobrarbe

Cultural Heritage



Sobrarbe has a traditional gastronomy of its own, though sharing some of its features with other areas in the Pyrenees and Aragon.

One of its most typical and well-known dishes in this county are chiretas, an Aragonese kind of haggis made of trussed lambs' bowels stuffed with rice and meat, seasoned with garlic and parsley. Traditionally, lamb meat is used for the stuffing.

This dish requires a long and difficult preparation, and it is scarcely known out of Sobrarbe and its neighbour counties. It is traditionally cooked and eaten in many homes, but currently it can also be bought in some butcher's, and it is occasionally offered in some restaurants.

But the most popular gastronomic feast is the matacía (pig slaughter), as well as in other regions. It usually takes part in winter, and it constitutes also a social meeting where families, neighbours and friends gather.

During the days in which the slaughter takes place, various sausages, including longanizas, chorizos, butifarras and patés, are produced. But the most outstanding dishes are the known as mondongo, including morcillas and tortetas. Morcillas are made with blood, fat and rice, everything wrapped into the pig's bowels. Tortetas are ring-shaped, made with flour, fat, blood, cinnamon, aniseed and other spices.

Other kind of typical stews are known as ranchos de los pastores (shepherd's communal meal), such as "potatoes with soup" and "potatoes with meat".

The salmorrejo is other typical dish made of rice tortillas, potatoes and meat. "Chicken in pepitoria" was also very popular

Among confectionery, one Christmas sweet is specially outstanding: the pastilllos de nuez, walnut pies with honey and sugar. Pumpkin and almond pies are also prepared, besides the guirlache, a traditional grinded almond candy, and peach with wine. We cannot forget about crespillos, similar to fritters, but filled with spinach or borage leaves.

The aguamiel and the mostilllo were also eaten in large quantities.

Because of its excellent taste and flavour, we strongly recommend lamb and beef from Sobrarbe, traditional dishes offered in every restaurant.

The former Sobrarbe Community published a book entitled "La Cocina de Sobrarbe" (Sobarbe Traditional Recipes), the first book published by Tierra de Buxo Collection, where we can find traditional dishes of Sobrarbe County. Those recipes were compiled by the team of Adult People Teachers in collaboration with the Sobrarbe County Radio Station during 1993-1994. The recipes were provided by those people who wanted to share them willing and selflessly with other people.