Barfaluy IV

  • Locality :Lecina
  • Municipality :Bárcabo
  • Altitude :740 m.
  • Listed Status :Site of cultural interest. Worl Heritage.
  • Cultural sequence :Neolithic
  • Excavation :Vicente Balldellou 1986-7




On the left-hand bank of the La Choca gulley, which flows into the River Vero on the right. A signposted path (1 hour) that begins in Lecina leads to the site.

Some 50 metres to the west of caves I, II and III, after an angle in the limestone cliff, is this small cavity measuring 10.6 m at the mouth and a maximum depth of 4 m.

It contains a single painted sector, which is very diffuse and barely visible, done in black and located in the deepest area of the shelter.


In this sector there is a group of finger marks that form three horizontal lines. The upper line consists of seven well aligned finger marks, whereas the middle line, more of which is missing, has four marks together to the right and a fifth mark on the same alignment but at a distance of 8.5 cm to the left of the others.

Between these and the separate finger mark, it is possible to see a T-shaped sign that has been partially cut off by flaking, making it impossible to know what its original configuration was.

Lastly, the bottom line is very faded. Only two finger marks can be identified, together with traces of other possible marks that have now virtually disappeared.

The meaning of this composition is unknown, though it could be related to similar compositions studied in neighbouring sites such as Fajana de Pera Superior and Sector 2 of Lecina Superior, which seem to be numerical representations, possibly some kind of account or calculation. However, insufficient data is available to state this for certain.