El Codronazo Cave

  • Locality :La Cabezonada
  • Municipality :La Fueva
  • Altitude :
  • Listed status :Site of cultural interest
  • Cultural Sequence :Neolithic-Chalcolithic




    The site is a rock shelter that is 30-40 m long, 20 m high and 3-4 m deep, so the overhanging shelf barely covers the area of the paintings. The surface of the rock is very uneven due to the characteristics of the rock (conglomerate).

    The panel with paintings covers a surface of approximately 1 m2 containing paintings done in different styles, motifs and hues that are visible to the naked eye.

    Very briefly, pending a study of the paintings, the archaeologist J. Rey describes:

    - A hunting scene, consisting of an archer and a bovine with very pronounced horns.

    - A symbol in the shape of a sun with small lines of a different motif around it.

    - A group of three parallel short lines.

    Javier Rey associates the presence of these paintings with the people who lived in the cave of La Espluga de Puyascada and the Cave of El Forcón during the Middle to Late Neolithic or the Chalcolithic Age.




    Javier Rey. Año 2005.