La Miranda Cave

  • Locality :Ligüerre de Cinca
  • Municipality :Abizanda
  • Altitude :890 m.
  • Listed status :Site of cultural interest
  • Cultural Sequence :Middle Neolithic and Early Bronze Age.




    Small cave with a triangular mouth that is 3 m wide and 2 m at its highest point.

    It is reached via an initial vestibule that leads down a slope into a second smaller room that measures 25 m in length and 4 m at its widest point, which is the final gallery of the cavern.

    - ROCK ART: Two parallel bars painted almost outside near the mouth of the cave.

    - ARCHAEOLOGICAL MATERIAL: Four pieces of carved stone were recovered: a chip of brown flint, a chip of grey flint, a sickle blade on onyx and a sickle blade on tabular flint, dating from the Early Bronze Age, and four examples of ground stone, possibly made on schist or other metamorphic rock, consisting of two axes, a fragment of a third axe and a chopper.

    Also found were a worked bone tool (to which the sickle blade mentioned earlier was fitted), two pendants (one made from the shell of a marine bivalve mollusc and the other from a shapeless ball of polished calcite with perforation) and a large collection of pottery pieces.

    The first group of pottery found dates from the Neolithic Period and consists of thin-walled shards with impressed decoration made in the raw clay and simple globular forms. None of these pieces bore cardial decoration.

    The second group is made up of material dating from the opening period of the Bronze Age and includes fragments of large storage vessels with decoration consisting of cords that are smooth or finger marks and rough areas.

    Cardial decoration is absent from this group of pieces, which were carefully made and well fired, with ornaments and adornments similar to those found at the sites of El Forcón and La Espluga de Puyascada.






    Vicente Baldellou 1975-6