Almazorre Dolmen

  • Locality :Almazorre
  • Municipality :Bárcabo
  • Altitude :
  • Listed status :Site of Cultural Interest
  • Cultural Sequence :Chalcolithic





    The Little House of the Scales Dolmen, Almazorre Dolmen or the Selva Grande Dolmen.

    Megalithic funerary structure.

    In Almazorre, take the signposted path that laves from the top of town next to the Romanesque Church of San Esteban. After an hour, you will come to the dolmen situated in the Selva Grande.

    This dolmen consists of a chamber and a tumulus. It stands on the gently sloping eastern side of the ridge, which is almost flat and is oriented east-west.
    The tumulus has a clearly defined circular form, with a diameter of approximately 10 m, surrounded by a peristalith (stone circle). It is made up of limestone stones measuring between 5 and 40 cm and rises 60 cm at its highest point.

    The chamber is slightly trapezoidal in floor plan due to the effect of the lean of the slabs, though it was originally rectangular.

    It consists of four limestone slabs:
    - The roof slab has shifted from its position and is now lying on the ground on the south-east side. It measures 2.30 x 1.70 x 0.10 m.
    - Three side slabs, only two of which are still standing. The third, possibly corresponding to the floor of the dolmen, was found on the ground inside the chamber during the excavation.
    These slabs measure:
    - 2.30 x 1.60 x 0.26 m
    - 3.22 x 1.30 x 0.20 m
    - 1.66 x 1.46 x 0.20 m

    The excavations unearthed:
    - Human bone material, notably 400 complete teeth and others that were broken, small bones, phalanges and bone fragments and splinters.
    - Remains of megalithic grave goods: items of personal adornment, laminas of flint, Dentalium beads, an oval shell pendant, a bone button with V-shaped perforation and shards of pottery.
    A dating of 1845 BC was arrived at by analysis.



    María José Calvo Ciria. DGA. 1986. First dig.