Paules de Sarsa Dolmen

  • Locality :Paules de Sarsa
  • Municipality :Aínsa-Sobrarbe
  • Altitude :840 m
  • Listed status :Site of Cultural Interest.
  • Cultural Sequence :Chalcolithic.





    The Little Chapel Dolmen or the Paules de Sarsa Dolmen.

    Megalithic funerary structure.

    Located behind the Shrine or Little Chapel of San Isidro to the left just off the highway from Arcusa to Paules de Sarsa.

    A simple dolmen with remains of its chamber and of the tumulus, though this is almost imperceptible, measuring 10 m x 0.50 m.
    A small house (now in ruins) built on a rectangular floor plan was erected on the west side of the dolmen, backed up against it surviving remains.
    The chamber, possibly rectangular, consists of just two limestone slabs, one to the north-west and the other to the west, joined at one end, measuring:
    - 1.90 x 0.60 x 0.20 m
    - 1.30 x 0.70 x 0.12 m
    One of the slabs bears an engraving in the form of a circle. Paving or flags were found in the floor of the chamber during the excavation.
    The megalith was partly affected when the surrounding fields were cleared for cropland. It is estimated that more than 50% of the tumulus was also lost at this time. The rest of the tumulus is hidden by the walls of a small modern construction now in ruins that was built using the archaeological monument as part of its structure.

    Found during the excavation were:
    - Bone remains from six or eight individuals whose bodies had not been disturbed after their interment
    - More than 500 teeth from adults and children
    - Dozens of discoid beads, cylindrical beads and beads of the Dentalium type
    - Perforated shells used as items of personal adornment
    - An ovoid bone pendant
    - Part of a button with V-shaped perforation
    - Two thin stone tips
    - Shards of pottery

    A dating of 2410 BC was arrived at by analysis.



    María José Calvo Ciria, 1987. DGA.