La Collata de Labasar Circles

  • Locality :Saravillo
  • Municipality :Plan
  • Altitude :1.928 m
  • Listed status :
  • Cultural Sequence :Chalcolithic.





    Next to the Labasar refuge on La Collata de Labasar.
    To get to the cromlech, take a track from Saravillo in the direction of the refuge and, once at the refuge, continue on to Basa de la Mora.

    The site is in an open space without vegetation and is in the form of a rounded hillock. The open space is covered by a layer of tufa with large numbers of stones from two types of structures, firstly a group of cromlechs and secondly more recent constructions built on a square or rectangular floor plan.

    In addition, the remains of a trench dating from the Spanish Civil War have also survived.

    So far six cromlechs have been found, three very close to the refuge, two at the centre of the hillock and one to the north, where the hillside begins. They vary in size, with the largest being 7 m in diameter and the smallest 3.80 m.