Site of Peña As Arenas I

  • Locality :Castejón de Sobrarbe
  • Municipality :Aínsa-Sobrarbe
  • Altitude :
  • Listed status :
  • Cultural Sequence :Middle Bronze Age.




    Human habitation.

    Bronze Age site, remains of a fully consolidated settlement out in the open.

    The urban organisation of the settlement remains unknown, but it has been demonstrated that the houses were built on a rectangular or square floor plan and that their bases were well-made solid stone walls.

    The settlement stands in a flat area with no natural defences, which may indicate that there was little conflict at this time in history. The view to the south is considerably improved from the top of a hill just behind the settlement.

    The abandonment of the settlement cannot be linked to a fire or destruction. When the occupants left, they must have taken all their utensils and belongings with them, leaving the houses completely bare.

    Nevertheless, during the course of the excavation, a silo or well was found packed with abundant archaeological material that indicates it was filled with waste, pottery, animals and two circular lids made of slabs of stone.
    It is possible that this well served as a grain silo which, when it was no longer of service due to a collapse or changes in storage methods, was used as a place for dumping rubbish.



    Javier Rey. 2007.