Other prehistoric sites in Sobrarbe

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  • Cultural Sequence :Prehistory




    Numerous other prehistoric sites have been found to date in Sobrarbe, among them Riparet Gulley (in Castejón de Sobrarbe), the Black Cave, San Julián, La Capana, Puyuelo, San Martín and San Martín Gulley (in Olsón), La Almazara (in Aínsa), Silás (in Javierre de Olsón), Caseta de Sánchez (in Camporrotuno) and San Miguel (in Bárcabo).

    There is a significant group of Bronze Age sites, such as Campillones and Os Solanos (in La Pardina), the San José site (in Escanilla), the Arbués and La Almunia sites (in Abizanda), the Casa Juan de Lenera site (in Olsón), the Traserras site (in Arcusa), Los Cinglos site (in Castellazo), La Zarda and Sergualas (in Mondot) and the Holm Oak Cave (in Almazorre).


    Even so, most of the territory of Sobrarbe has not been investigated and it is possible that there are still many surprises buried in the ground just waiting to be discovered.