Góriz Refuge

  • Type of landscape :
  • Sector :Monte Perdido Massif
  • Municipality :Fanlo.
  • Altitude :2,192 m


One of the most famous and popular refuges in the Pyrenees stands at an altitude of 2,190 m, dominating the head of the Ordesa Valley.

It was originally an old hut that provided shelter for shepherds and drovers taking their livestock up to the Góriz pastureland for the summer.

In 1963, the hut was converted into a large refuge with a warden, and is now owned by the Aragonese Climbing Federation.

Since then, it has been used as somewhere to stay overnight by mountaineers ascending the main peaks in the National Park and while crossing the massif.

Amid the rocks near the refuge, you may see a stoat, attracted by the food left out by visitors. Much more common are the Alpine chough, white-winged snowfinch and Alpine accentor. It is also possible to spot northern wheatears and black redstarts in this area.


- Access: The refuge is after Pradera de Ordesa on the Soaso Cirque and Cola de Caballo route. You can also get to the refuge from Cuello Gordo.

- GPS coordinates of the site: 31T 255366 4727754

Protected status

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

Core area of the Ordesa-Vignemale Biosphere Reserve.

Ordesa-Monte Perdido SCI.

World Heritage Site.