Monte Perdido- Tres Serols

  • Type of landscape :Natural
  • Sector :Monte Perdido Massif
  • Municipality :Fanlo, Bielsa
  • Altitude :Monte Perdido 3,355 m




    The residents of Sobrarbe have always called this mountain Treserols or Tres Sorores (Three Sisters). When French geographers and Pyrenean explorers were drawing up the first maps of the area, they called it Mont Perdu because it is very difficult to see the top from France. This name was then adopted by Spanish cartographers, translated as Monte Perdido. Its summit, at a lofty 3,355 m, makes it the roof of the National Park and the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees after Aneto (3,404 m) and Posets (3,371 m).
    Monte Perdido is one of the three peaks that make up the Tres Sorores, the other two being Cilindro de Marboré (3,194 m) and Añisclo, also known as Soum de Ramond (3,259 m). There are a number of routes up to the summit, though the one most frequently used starts at Góriz Refuge, skirts the Frozen Lake and crosses the dreaded Escupidera (Spittoon).
    Though it might look as if it is a rocky desert, it provides a habitat for various species of Alpine-nival flora and fauna that can survive in the extreme conditions that prevail in mountainous areas. The birds that live here include white-winged snowfinches, Alpine accentors, Alpine choughs and wallcreepers.


    - Access: Along the south face from Góriz Refuge. Along the north face from Balcón de Pineta and Marboré Lake.

    - GPS coordinates of the site: 31T 257006 4729052

    Protected status

    • Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.
    • Natural Monument (protected status of Pyrenean glaciers).
    • Core area of the Ordesa-Vignemale Biosphere Reserve.
    • Ordesa-Monte Perdido SCI.
    • World Heritage Site