Brecha de Roland

  • Type of landscape :Natural
  • Sector :Monte Perdido Massif
  • Municipality :Fanlo
  • Altitude :2,807 m




    There are many unique and well-known mountains whose beauty is enhanced by their place in the legends told of famous deeds and characters. One of these places is the Brecha de Roland gap.

    At an altitude of 2,807 m, this formidable cleft stretches 100 m high and 40 wide, cut into the vast rocky wall that marks the border between France and Spain. It can be seen from a great distance, including from the Somotano and the Ebro Valley many kilometres away.

    In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, contraband goods travelled between both countries across the length and breadth of the Pyrenees. To avoid customs officers and having to pay duty, smugglers would seek alternative routes, among the most popular of which were the Brecha de Roland and the Salarons and Carriata passes.


    - Access: From the south from Góriz Refuge, and from the north San Nicolás and Bujaruelo Pass.

    - GPS coordinates of the site: 30T 742988 4730778

    Protected status

    • Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.
    • Core area of the Ordesa-Vignemale Biosphere Reserve.
    • Ordesa-Monte Perdido SCI.
    • World Heritage Site.